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Machine States

Here is the current status of machines at the center. Please notify us at if you are experiencing problems with machines that are marked as up
NameStateLast State ChangeNodes
apollo Up 3
delphi Up 23-Nov-2005 07:26:35 3
encanto Up 1792
NMCAC machine
Galles Up
Gibbs Up 26
hammer Decommissioned 17-Nov-2005 14:51:41 15
ll04 Up 150
m3 Up 0
mailer Up
Metropolis Up
Pequena Up 15-Oct-2008 15:56:41 22
pequin Decommissioned 17-Nov-2005 14:51:41 1
riobravo Up 23-Nov-2005 08:13:08 4
riorancho Up 30-Nov-2006 10:02:24 16
Ristra Decommissioned 22-Nov-2005 13:39:24 91
seeds Decommissioned
Ulam Up
Vista Down 02-Jul-2008 08:50:10 0
Vista's head node is up, but compute nodes are currently down
yenta Up 17-Nov-2005 14:51:41 15

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