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Backup Policies & Procedures

Description of how and when backups occur at the Center.

CARC at UNM uses the Advanced Maryland Automatic Disk Archiver or AMANDA to accomplish backups for most of the center. We are working to be able to provide backup services for all of the centers resources. The amanda tape run at the center starts at 6:00PM. The following data-sets are currently backed up by amanda:

  • Red (primary CARC fileserver)
    • Each user's home directory is backed up separately
    • Individual directories in /scratch are backed up separately
    • OS related partitions (/usr, /, /var are backed up separately
    • directories in /export/systems that are backed up separately
  • Serrano (Los Lobos fileserver)
    • Each home directory is backed up as a separate entity
    • Individual directories in scratch are backed up separately
  • The mail spool is backup up as a single entity.
  • Poblano
    • Individual directories in poblano's scratch space are backed up separately
    • Operating system related partitions are backed up when significant changes are made using the mkcd utility to create bootable CDs from which the os can be restored. The DVD images are stored on Serrano, and burned to DVD.
  • Seeds (Ristra file server)
    • The home directories on seeds are backup up all together
    • Scratch space on seeds is backup up all at once
  • Delphi (SRBCB)
    • The SRBCB backups are performed seperatly from other backups
    • The /Oracle directory is backed up on Delphi via amanda
    • The database is shut down and backed up to scratch on red on a periodic basis
  • Colorado (CREATE)
    • Colorado's filesystems are backed up normally
    • Riobravo1's system partitions are rsynced to Colorado daily
    • The grind directory in also rsynced to Colorado for backup
    • Other CREATE NFS filesystems are mounted on Colorado, but not backed up. We are waiting for tapes to be able to make archival backups of these

AMANDA uses the following information to plan how to best accomplish backups.

  • Number of tapes available in to be backed up onto
  • Amount of data changed
  • Time since last level 0 backup.

AMANDA has been told to that its dump cycle is 4 weeks. This means that a full backup will be made of each separate entity above at least once every 4 weeks. AMANDA is designed to balance backups size across runs, so different entities will not have full backups at the same time.

delphi /oracle backup

Posted by Susan Wilson at 2006-05-23 02:24 AM
Which delphi /oracle filesystem is backed up? What about the delphi4 backup? Susan

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