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New Mexico Computing Application Center Information

Brief description on NMCAC, computational portal to NMCAC, & supercomputer Encanto (Pequena)



New Mexico

Computing Applications Center

Commercially Available Supercomputer +

                Intellectual Resources to Achieve Results


Encanto, the NMCAC Supercomputer, is a commercially available resource that provides your organization computing horsepower, faster time-to-results, and the ability to win larger contracts.  Customers can leverage this high-performance computer to save expensive capital outlay and infrastructure costs.  

The NMCAC also offers innovative, intellectual resources to find solutions to complex challenges.  By creating partnerships between public and private sectors that include Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories, New Mexico's institutions of higher education, and corporate business, a collaborative relationship is designed to effectively propel a project forward.


Selected Projects:

Intelligent Transportation:  Project developments are underway to showcase  emerging technologies that efficiently provide dynamic intermodal simulation and modeling solutions for traffic planning, traffic congestion and emergency response in an advanced decision theatre environment.   The efficient movement of workforce to work and products to market is a key to economic prosperity for any state.

Aerospace: New Mexico hosts a number of leading engineering and aerospace companies exploring both commercial and military aircraft applications as well as applications outside our atmosphere.  These companies utilize high performance computing for computational fluid dynamics, finite element methods, and simulation and modeling structural design to mention just a few.

Digital Media: Digital media and science work in parallel to bring emerging technology to the theatre as well as applications for information technology.  New Mexico’s economic incentives have launched a cluster of companies in Digital Film who use high performance computing for special effects, 3D capabilities and post-production.

Energy:  Achieving a Smart Utility Grid is a daunting challenge. The capability to effectively and efficiently scale, route, and balance power with intermittent generation sources, such as solar and wind, requires both computing and intellectual horsepower. The coalition established in New Mexico called Green Grid works to answer these questions and will simulate and model the integration of renewable energy sources in order to implement these effectively in the future.



Encanto hardware:

  • SGI Altix ICE 8200 cluster
    • 172 Teraflops Altix ICE 8200 cluster peak theoretical speed
    • 132 Teraflops sustained operation measured using Linpack tests
  • 1792 nodes (14,336 cores) of quad core Xeon 3.0 GHz processors
  • Hot-swappable blades for high system availability
  • 28.7 TeraBytes of local memory (2 GB/core)
  • 20 TeraBytes NFS storage system
  • 172 TeraBytes parallel file system with 12 GigaByte/sec bandwidth (Lustre)
  • GigE connectivity to Lambda Rail (available up to 10 Gigabits/s)



  • OS: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (x86_64) with SGI ProPack 6SP5
  • Parallelization methods:
    • SGI: mpt 1.25 (Optimized MPI for Altix ICE.)
    • mvapich2_gcc; openmpi_gcc; mvapich_gcc
    • openmp 
  • Other installed software:
    • Intel MPI
      • mvapich_intel; openmpi_intel; mvapich2_intel

o       Intel EM64T Fortran, C, and C++ compilers

      • Python and MPI Python
      • Java2 1.4.2
    • Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL):  The functional areas of the library include linear algebra consisting of LAPACK and BLAS, Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), vector transcendental functions, ScaLAPACK, and distributed memory FFTs


The NMCAC Gateway program includes more than 20 sites distributed throughout the public education institutions in New Mexico.  Through the centralized computational power and collaboration available with Encanto, each site serves as a portal to local schools, businesses, and communities. The NMCAC Gateways are the paradigm for connecting people, science, education and jobs.


3D Gateway Visualization Centers to:

·        Demonstrate rendering, architecture, engineering, archeology, etc. 

·        Provide collaboration and training purposes for tele-health, continuing education, and interactive application training.

·        Provide teleconferencing abilities for workforce, economic, and community development.

·        Support STEM education programs such as the NM Supercomputing Challenge, Project GUTS (Growing Up Thinking Scientifically), IDEAL NM, and NM Project 2012.


Decision Theatres:

The Gateways improve decision making by utilizing 2D and 3D visualization of simulation models, system dynamics, and computer-assisted tools for collecting participant input and collaboration.  The facilities are used by business and government agencies, community planners, and policy makers to attend meetings, hold forums and to address and solve complex problems.




Chief Executive Officer:  Tom Bowles

(505) 476-2244

Chief Technology Officer:  Marshall Peterson

(202) 494-8667

Business Development Manager:  D’Nette Wood

(505) 463-2910 d’

Gateway Administrator:  Gina Tanner

(505) 554-9273


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